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Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick ; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey Day 15

a life ring

There are days I sit and write words to share wondering if anyone reads them. I ponder if the strokes my pen brings to paper makes a difference in the world where they land. There are formulas to write a great post and recommendations to reach more readers. The words on this blog are sifted [...]

4 Keys to Gratitude; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey; Day 14

Breaking bread with friends

Being intentionally grateful is essential to a fulfilling life. It keeps you positive, thankful and focused on what you already have in abundance. Be Thankful Look around you. No matter where life finds you, there is something to be thankful for. If you have a roof over your head, food on your table and  family and friends [...]

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Slow Motion ; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey;Day 13

beautiful summer flowers

One of the incredible benefits of simplifying your life inside and out is you are beginning to cherish small moments. You have begun to slow down enough to create memorable moments where you have time to make memories with family and friends.     When my children were small we read a book about a grandpa [...]

Creating Margin ; Secrets of Simplicity- A 31 Day Journe; Day 12

juggling is hard

Do you find yourself in a panic as you juggle activities at work, home or in your family? Are you perpetually late wherever you go? Do you make frequent mistakes or forget scheduled appointments? Is your blood pressure rising just reading these words? Do you feel anxious or a little unsettled?   photo by:

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Stop the Junk Mail; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey; Day 11

Pile of junk mail from the Netherlands

Junk mail filling your mail box? Unsolicited phone calls chasing you down at dinner ? Both pull physically and emotionally from your precious reserves of time and space. As we continue implementing ways to de-clutter life on a variety of levels, mail and unwanted phone calls can be tackled in a few easy steps. photo by:

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