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The Secret of Celebration

Happy Monday – another week awaits!   Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?  Mary Oliver Appointments School Activities Meal prep Another day at the office Bills to Pay Laundry We could go on, each of us adding tidbits to the list of life. Daily tasks and [...]

What a Cockroach Taught Me About God

I am delighted to have Kim de Blecourt, a dear friend, award winning author and passionate adoption advocate as a guest blogger today. Kim has one of the biggest hearts I know and believes every child matters, deserves a family and are worth crossing oceans for.  Thanks Kim for sharing your heart and changing the [...]

Coming to Peace With the Dry Places – Creating Again

Dry places do not set up encampment overnight. Instead they move in gradually. The flow of words slow to a barely discernible trickle. One excuse was “too busy.”  Helping others. Fatigue. Blocked. Overwhelmed. More busy. Where there was life and a birth of thoughts woven into words there was none and they rattled about my soul [...]


Abandoned in Berlin: Hallway in the former Beelitz-Heilstätten tuberculosis sanatorium - on Explore #178 on July 25, 2013!

Waiting is hard. I am not happy about waiting for God’s doors to open. Daily I want to “help” him out. Why is it I think I know more than he, the creator of the universe?  “Until God Opens the Next Door, Praise Him in the Hallway” I somehow think I know more. This is [...]

photo by: o palsson

Simply Abundant Life Weekend Reading

  Each weekend I love to leave you with a list of the best things I have read and seen on the Internet because, well, sometimes, you just need something fabulous to read. I’m excited to share these little treasures I have gathered and hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you [...]