An Intentional Life

choosing to live a story worth telling

What Can You Change Today?

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Living a simple life requires intentionality. In a world where busy is king and hurry is queen, simplicity and slow will bring up the rear in the race of life every time. In a culture which feeds selfishness it will take a collection of intentional choices each day to create a life which is not […]

Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

intentional life gratitude Nancy Bouwens Simplicity Coach

The idea is simple. Everyday gratitude happens when I sit down with my journal, and compile a list of at least three things that I am grateful for that day. I’ve been doing this for a few months now, and have found it can literally change my perspective and attitude as a result. I consider […]

Weekend Reads – An Eclectic Collection Of Goodness

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I love to collect a few bits of the best and the ordinary; links, stories, perhaps a song, or an interview with someone special who is doing great things in the world and gather them up to share with you in this space as  “An Eclectic Collection of Goodness.”  Pour yourself a cup of coffee […]

Reclaiming the Table

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Modern life has not been kind to the table. We eat food packaged in sterile containers, packed in far way places. We eat on the move, in the car and while talking on the phone. It’s as if we are living in a futuristic world where eating and meal time is no longer seen as […]

17 Ways to Make Your Life Better Immediately

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Are you stuck ? Do you need a quick win or a breath of fresh air in your life? It helps to create momentum. Implement a few of these helpful hints to shake off the cobwebs and jump start your week. It is possible to make your life better with just a few easy choices! […]

Becoming a Catalyst for Change

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Are you a catalyst for change? Are you a Change-Maker? What does one look like? In the corporate world employees are challenged and often required to bring fresh thoughts and creativity to the table each day. Success Magazine recently published an article ” 6 Insights on How to be a Change-Maker” which focused on ways […]