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Can You Really Know Your Calling and Passion?

065/365: Show us your smile!

  Welcome Friends! I have been on a bit of a sabbatical spending time with family, soaking up fabulous Arizona and Florida  (please don’t hate me my northern friends! ) sunshine and relishing in a break from the coldest Michigan February on record. We have enjoyed 80+ degree days for the past week and we […]

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The Power of Touch Done With Great Love

The power of touch is often lost in our technology infused society. Technology is touted as a way to simplify our life but often it simply gives us the excuse to do more and be in more places at the same time. We have all observed diners, couples and teens in a social setting looking […]

Crafting a Daily Bucket List

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What do you want life to say about you? How will your story be told? There is great talk around creating bucket lists; a collection of thoughts and ideas for all of the places to see, experience and relish before we die. I have one and  most of what is on my list is travel. (I […]

5 Ways to be a Great Listener

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To hear is to physically experience the sense of sound. As long your ear and brain are in good working order, and capable of processing sound waves, one can hear. It takes courage and intentional choice to be a good listener not just one who hears.  

How Gratitude Can Turn What We Already Have Into More Than Enough!

by marco bonomo

Maybe the life you’ve always wanted is buried deep underneath the one you already have. We are a restless lot, those of us in the western world. Life in all of its wonder is available to us in a variety of ways never before possible since the beginning of time and we worship busy as […]