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Accept Graciously ; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey; Day 25


Most people don’t have trouble giving gifts or compliments, but for some reason, we find it difficult to accept them. Graciously accepting a compliment is an unexpected way to endear yourself to others. It is a bit impolite to outwardly reject a gift or compliment by brushing it off with a casual ” it was […]

Listen Profoundly ; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey; Day 24

listen intently

When you stop talking you will create more time for listening. Most people like to think they are good listeners.Very few people are. Think about people you know, of all them, how many really listen to you? Listening is an art, and like any skill of life, it takes practice. No one is taught to […]

Procrastinate With Purpose ; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey; Day 23

procrastination is easy

Procrastination has an undeservedly bad reputation. Most consider procrastination one of their weaknesses and they beat themselves up over it. Perhaps they have it all wrong. What if procrastination is really the good guy instead of the bad one? What if it was another way of living your dreams and reaching your goals?

Surround Yourself With Beauty ; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey; Day 22

simplicity of a water goblet

The most mundane activities become luxuries if you add one or two small things to transform them into special occasions. An ordinary cup of tea becomes a treat in a beautiful china cup with a spoonful of real cream. Candle light at dinner creates a moment of mystery and ambiance is brought to a mid-week meal […]

Invest in Yourself ; Secrets of Simplicity-A 31 Day Journey; Day 21

curiosity is the key to growth

Let’s face it- what is your best asset? You, yes… you. I am often amazed at people who are reluctant to invest in themselves. Women are often the worst at this. They are givers and many nurture others while struggling with guilt if they take time to put themselves ahead of their families and other commitments. You […]